You cannot heal an inflammatory lifestyle by simply taking nutritional supplements.

Are you taking a handful of supplements morning and night because you heard or read that they were good for you? You’re not alone!

Every time I take a walk down the aisle of my local supermarket or chemist, I’m faced with rows of vitamins and nutritional supplements that are promising to give me glossy hair, fix my gut, improve my skin tone and cure common ailments.

Many of us fall victim to these promises, spending thousands of dollars on nutritional supplements to help us look and feel our best. The truth is we all dream about the magic pill that will just fix everything. Sadly, it doesn’t exist.

It’s important to note that many supplements are great and a necessary intervention on healing journey. However, if you are skipping the other principles of health and continue an inflammatory lifestyle that includes high stress, highly processed foods, alcohol, poor sleep and no exercise – all the supplements in the world won’t help you.

We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential to our bodies functioning at an optimum level. They keep us healthy. While some people believe that we should get all of our vitamins and minerals from our diet, that’s not whole picture. Yes, our diet plays the most important role in giving our body what it needs, but high-quality vitamins are often recommended for certain groups of people such as folic acid for pregnant women.

After many years working as a consultant and examining the diets of my clients, I know that most people don’t eat a wholesome, varied diet. Instead, many lead an inflammatory lifestyle and occasionally embark on fad diets and detoxes in an attempt to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. However, the key to lasting change is sustainability – and fad diets and detoxes are not sustainable.

Now’s the time to start eating a balanced and nutritious diet, exercising regularly and sleeping well. You’ll be surprised by how many vitamins you think you need!

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