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Therese is not taking on new patients until after 1 August 2024. 

Consultations can take place virtually or in person at either: 

  • Suite 2, Level 1, 18 Bong Bong Street, Bowral
  • 1A Glenmore Road, Paddington – for Sydney bookings, please email

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Therese has helped thousands of people listen to their body and nourish themselves through food, movement and mind to reverse digestive problems and disease.

Qualified in the teaching of nutrition, yoga and meditation, Therese believes that nourishment is a holistic journey towards wellbeing, happiness and optimum health.  With a particular interest in food as medicine, Therese is experienced in dealing with food intolerances, Histamine intolerance, IBS, leaky gut, the treatment of parasites and gut dysbiosis.

Therese will guide you through the latest nutritional research and functional testing, write your individual health guidelines and work with you to ease your food discomfort and discover your most vibrant, healthy self. Through Living Naturally, Therese encourages you to be a nutritional explorer, a detective for your own body.

A mother of four who understands the pressures of a busy life, Therese will ensure that your plan is realistic, achievable and uniquely yours. When not consulting, she is pottering in her organic vegie patch or creating delicious whole-food recipes in her kitchen. 

Therese’s recipes and wellness tips can be found on Instagram.