my story

Therese Cullen is a passionate nutritionist, gut health advocate and certified body ecology coach, with over 20 years of experience.

The path to Living Naturally


Therese Cullen is a passionate nutritionist, gut health advocate and Certified Body Ecology coach, with over 20 years of experience. She’s helped thousands of people listen to their body by nourishing themselves through food, movement and mind, reversing digestive problems and disease.

Completing her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food at the University of Western Sydney, Therese worked as the Nutritional Consultant for Murdoch Publications, helping to produce Family Circle Step by Step and mini cookbooks as well as consulting for Men’s Health and Marie Claire.

The nutritionist was then drawn to health promotion and policy, aiding in the development of a Healthy School Canteen Program and the Deliciously Healthy Heart Foundation Cookbook for the National Heart Foundation.

Her professional career took a hiatus as she started her family – now busy mum to four – while studying to become a yoga and meditation teacher. She was on the cusp of starting her Masters, but couldn’t decide which area of nutrition to focus on. Then, life provided the answer – and her very own guinea pig.

A journey of discovery and healing

In 2015 the nutritionist’s seemingly perfect life started to unravel. With chronic, unexplainable pain in her side, Therese was covered in hives after every meal, suffering achy joints, hair loss and alarming weight loss. As her health rapidly declined, she barely had the energy to get out of bed; she felt like she was allergic to the world.

Therese visited many health professionals and had a series of misdiagnosis, including an incorrect diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

The wellbeing advocate was eventually diagnosed with:

  • Severe gut dysbiosis
  • An intestinal parasite
  • Chronic candida overgrowth caused by sustained antibiotic use
  • A dysregulated nervous system
  • Food allergies
  • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
  • Multiple chemical sensitivities

A new beginning


The health practitioner realised that if she could contract such a mystery set of illnesses with her background in health, how would others navigate the turbulent waters of such a crisis? She started her journey of research and study to heal herself; training to become a certified Body Ecology coach while studying at the Australian College of Nutrition and Integrative Medicine, with a particular focus on gut health.

It was the discovery of integrative medicine that was the shining light on her overall health. 

Slowly and mindfully, using the food as medicine approach, Therese started the process of healing her gut – one teaspoon at a time. Reviving gut integrity and diversity, at the same time as addressing emotional and environmental triggers, the practitioner restored her gut, her health and vitality.

It’s this personal health struggle that has led Therese to help others to restore a happy and healthy gut. With no quick fix or easy pill available, Therese innately understands that each gut is different, requiring a bespoke, holistic nourishment protocol for optimum wellbeing and health.  Therese is experienced in dealing with food intolerances, IBS, leaky gut, Histamine Intolerance, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and the treatment of parasites and gut dysbiosis.

Using the latest nutritional research and functional testing, the integrative practitioner works with her patients to ease food discomfort and discover a more vibrant and healthy self.

As a busy mum, Therese deeply understands the pressures of modern life and ensures each personalised plan is realistic and achievable; helping others find the joy in living naturally.

“Your gut is the gateway to your overall health,

the brain and the immune system.”